Corporate Responsibility at Berghaus

We are committed to making Berghaus products responsibly, with consideration and respect for people and the environment.

Corporate responsibility (CR) is a core part of our business strategy, and every member of our team has a role to play in helping us be responsible. We raise awareness about CR through regular training sessions, posts on the company blog, and resources on our intranet site.

We prioritise four key areas:

Product - Looking at ways to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the way we design and manufacture our products

Environment - Measuring and reducing the environmental impacts of our offices and business travel

Ethical Trade - Assessing our supply chain to improve conditions for the people who make our products

Community - Supporting local charities and community organisations

Our efforts are guided by our Business Standards Policies:

  • Code of Business Conduct: makes clear our expected standards of behaviour towards employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community
  • Employment Standards Policy: sets out our commitment to respect and protect the health, safety and rights at work of our employees and our suppliers’ employees
  • Code of Employment Standards for Suppliers: specifies our expectations for business partners’ treatment of the workers who make our products, and is consistent with the Ethical Trading Initiative’s Base Code
  • Environmental Policy: states our position on minimising the environmental impacts of our products and operations, while safeguarding the health and safety of our employees and the public.
You can read our Business Standards Policies here.

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