Ulvetanna - "The Wolf's Tooth" - Antarctica



A massive congratulations to Leo Houlding and his adventure team who have successfully climbed the 2930m Antarctic peak, Ulvetanna.

"We have done it. A decade of dreaming, a year of planning, a month on the ice, and week on the wall and we have done it!" Read the blog on their epic adventure here.

Living for Adventure: Leo Houlding

An endless white desert, a prodigious granite fang, the relentless onslaught of wind and cold, a sun that rises and sets just once a year; can it be Earth? Such a landscape is surely confined to the realms of fiction and fantasy. Or is it? At the bottom of our planet lies the white continent, the last great wilderness, a land of legend and adventure, Antarctica.

Ulvetanna, the wolf’s tooth in Norwegian, exists at 71° 51’0” South, 8° 20‘ 0” East in the Orvin Fjell mountains of Queen Maud Land, Eastern Antarctica. It is the most technically demanding peak on the harshest continent.

Since I first heard of this otherworldly peak more than a decade ago I have dreamed of amassing the skill, strength and support necessary to reach this most elusive mountain.

After many years of working towards that ultimate goal it is finally upon the horizon. A first-class crew assembled, a wealth of experience gained and crucially for the last year Berghaus, my team and I have gone to new lengths to develop, test and refine the very best equipment required for this most extreme adventure.

What will occur during our time in Antarctica remains to be seen but one thing is certain, we could not have gone to greater lengths to ensure we will be equipped the most advanced, highest quality equipment available in the world today.
Leo Houlding

Follow the team's progress in their blog.

The Last Great Climb

Goal: To climb a new route on Ulvetanna. 1300m vertical (4265ft), 2000m total (6562ft).
Team size: 6
Team Depart: 16th December 2012
Team Return: 2nd February 2013
Wind: 0-100mph+
Temperature: 0 to -50°C
Location: Antarctica. Ulvetanna 71° 51’ 0” South, 8° 20’ 0” East (Fenriskjeften Mountain in Queen Maud Land).
Mountain Range: Drygalski mountains

Follow the team's progress in their blog.

Meet the Team

For his attempt on Ulvetanna, Leo has assembled a world-class team of climbers and ground support with exemplary track records who have already joined him on expeditions to Yosemite, the Amazon rainforest and the Arctic Circle.

Role: Expedition leader/lead climber
The undisputed star of modern British adventure climbing, Leo has proved himself one of the world’s best with epic ascents of Everest, Baffin Island’s Mount Asgard and Yosemite’s El Capitan, not to mention a Jeremy Clarkson-trouncing appearance on Top Gear. Already dreaming of a return to Antarctica to attempt a months-long kite-skiing and climbing odyssey, he is also a pioneer of para-alpinism – climbing up, then ‘flying’ down.

Role: Film director/photographer/cameraman
When Alastair met Leo while making his 2008 climbing film On Sight, both sensed a creative spark that has since produced four spectacular movie collaborations. A multi-award-winning adventure filmmaker, gifted photographer and rock climber of almost 20 years’ experience, Alastair took on an intense crash course in big wall climbing to join Leo’s Mount Asgard project in 2009, and is now fully adept at life in the vertical.

Role: Lead climber
Sean earned his nickname the day he turned up in Yosemite as ‘an impoverished climbing bum’, without a specialist piton hammer, and proceeded to scale El Capitan using a Stanley household version instead. Now a Yosemite resident, he is one of the world’s most gifted big-wall climbers with numerous free and speed climbing firsts to his name.

Role: Climber
A builder of climbing walls by profession, Jason brings grit, humour and muscle to the expedition. A solid partner, he has joined Leo on dozens of epics around the world including their celebrated new route ‘The Prophet’ on Yosemite’s El Capitan.

Role: Cameraman/grip
As ground-based cameraman and film grip, Dave will bring an extra layer of cinematic magic to the film of the expedition. An adventure movie veteran, he’s a technical wizard whose skills at fixing things come in extremely handy, as well the team’s champion snorer. ‘We may have to put his tent 50 feet away from everyone else’s in base camp,’ says Leo.

Role: Base camp manager/support climber
Described by Leo as ‘the smiliest man in the world,’ Chris brings an optimism to his role that will be a real asset when the mercury plummets and the Antarctic wind howls. Cooking meals in base camp, melting snow for water Chris will be everyone else’s rock.

Follow the team's progress in their blog.

Keep Up to Date

From the freezing depths of the Antarctic the team will be regularly blogging their progress and you can keep up to date with all the action in our blog.